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Back in 2008, I made this podcast about things which make us stressed at a time when, you’ll probably notice from the beginning, I was pretty stressed. Always good to speak from experience, though…

Listening back, I think I learned a lot through and since making this, not least that conversation can feel better than monologue to me for exploring big ideas. That’s one way my upcoming podcast about being a dad is going to be different from this one.

But I enjoyed rediscovering this from the archive, and thought you might also like to dip in to this podcast which actually topped the iTunes “Self Help” chart for a while despite the message being more like “don’t do self help – there’s better help available!”

Episode 1 – the intro!

Episode 2 – the one about a bump in the road (and why self help can be a bit rubbish)

Episode 10 – end of series 1 with stories about being in control (or not!)

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    Hi Bern, I listened to this podcast series when it launched. At the time I was in my early 20s navigating the world of work and desperately needing to learn to relax and de-stress. This series helped me tremendously, thank you so much for sharing. It popped into my head yesterday and I decided to see if I could find it again. It’s been was very nostalgic to relisten and has reminded me how much I’ve learnt and grown. Thanks again. Sam

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